About Us

I’m Rachel, the owner/designer/maker of Skulls and Satin.  My mission is to create beautiful, impeccably made garments from secondhand and scrap fabric.  

I have always been passionate about making clothing by hand, and started making and up cycling my own clothing in high school.  

I went on to become formally trained in Costume Design and construction, and spent my career making costumes for the National Ballet of Canada and Mirvish Productions (the broadway of Toronto)

After leaving the industry to raise my kids, I was searching for my purpose and passion, and came back to my loves of making things by hand, thrift and sustainable fashion.

Skulls and Satin strives to make beautiful garments from textiles already existing in this world: vintage tablecloths and quilts, blankets, sweaters and clothing that ends up in a thrift store, possibly destined for landfill.  

There is so much textile waste in our world, lots of it made by hand or a beautiful piece of history, we strive to recreate it and keep it in circulation for years to come.

When buying a Skulls and Satin piece, you can ensure that it is a quality made item that will last for years, and you are getting a one of a kind garment that is sustainable and good for the environment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me!